Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year (2011)

What's my next big move? Graduate and work? What core values i need to add on in life? What about the past? Should i just walk away from 2010 like nothing happened? Those memories were crucial. ;|

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old town tea time set from RM 4.50 onwards!!

There are 5 different sets if I am not mistaken.
  1. Tea Time Set 1 (Bread with condensed milk)
  2. Tea Time Set 2 (Steam bread with kaya and butter)
  3. Tea Time Set 3 (Curry puff 2 pieces)
  4. Tea Time Set 4 (Bee Hoon Siam) Very small portion as shown in the picture
  5. Tea Time Set 5 (Toast Bread with Ice Cream)
ALL this comes with a choice of Old Town Teh Tarik of Old Town White Coffee (Both cold and hot)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old Town White Coffee 3 in 1 (Original, Hazelnut, Cane Sugar)

There was an offer in Tesco last Saturday! All old town white coffee 3 in 1 for RM10.99 for 15*40 gram. I was like why not? Way cheaper than going for their lunch set everyday! The taste is not too bad but of course the kopitiam in ipoh can offer better white coffee!

The best part is how it smells early in the morning! Refreshing!

5 packs in total! (3 classic, one hazelnut, one cane sugar)