Monday, September 27, 2010

iPad Anyone?

Thought of getting an iPad but while I was doing my homework I realised the iPad isn't really complete enough to take over the position of my lappy or a net book. Reasons :-

1) How to do video call without a camera?
2) Dah la my phone no gps now iPad also doesn't have one!
3) Every tom, dick and harry has it these days and its not even cheap! (was in church the other day and when the pastor ask the congregation to raise their bibles or electronic devices... and there u go people raising their iPad... bangga betul!)

There you go no more iPad for me unless its free! For more info on what iPad misses out do visit this website

Friday, September 24, 2010

The truth about life.

It is always bout the money. People (especially doctors) no longer care for their patients. They just take it as their job and nothing personal. They don't go the extra mile just to encourage you, sit down with you and talk to you. Their job is done once you walk off their ward, office, clinic, etc. Sigh. Praying hard things will turn up side down.