Monday, September 28, 2009

A day out with the "gals"?

Last Friday was just another normal day till Pei came over and together we went for a movie called tsunami at a place called home? haha. Din really understand the movie as its in Korean language and the translation is worst then a small boy's english. After that in the afternoon brought Abi to desa parkcity to play around the park and after that for nzn ice cream. :)

What's that? Looks nice!

Thats the best post Joyce can offer

Thanks for the ice cream pei (From: abigail) :/

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Am tired, sleepy, restless, helpless and what not. Too many activities going on and i so need to start slowing down to pace myself when college starts. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ben wants to go up and up and up! Not down! Can finally climb back! ERGHHH! So much power to unleash! Just wait and see everyone! Hehe. Cut the nonsense. On the other hand pray that everything will be fine. My stomach wont hurt and all. AMEN

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A day with abi.

Brought abi to camp 5 yesterday to climb. I must say that i havent been in that gym for weeks! Oh the gym still smells good thats for sure! I do hope she had a wonderful time because i didn't. Tried climbing abit and felt weak. ZZZZZ

Looking for routes to climb!

Dreaming away!

Our tea time.

She seems to like it :p

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A day with family members

Went to One U today with family, aunt and cousin while joyce had to study at home (poor thing!). Anyway it was really packed with ppl of all types :p Decided to go to sushi zanmai for lunch (AGAIN? its my 3rd time this month!) But I found out that the one in One U is way better than the one in Gardens. Maybe its just my taste bud.Here are some pics (Sorry not many as I aint equipped with any er HUGE DSLR but only my loyal 5mp camera phone :p)

Some food which I don't know the name
Neither do I know this but its some chef's recommendation

After that I guess Yun's stomach was still calling for more food so we decided to have er ..... ICE CREAM! (And the children just start jumping and clapping in joy!) That children is both Yun and Abi. :p

Step 1: Ok that looks nice!

Step 2: Let's Pray before we eat it

Step 3: Yummy!

It's a must to take pic with the dessert!

This is just an extra!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I miss driving to you in the afternoon and reaching there at 2 sharp
I miss sweating out like mad by 3 plus just doing endurance
I miss going to MCD for coke with unlimited refills after sweating it all out at 4 (half time break)
I miss pushing myself to the limit after filling up with coke (coke = power!)
I miss that refreshing bath after so many hours of training
I miss driving back in the jam after all its worth it
I miss the pain you bring to my fingers, joints and muscles
I miss the tiredness yet so contented with everything I did with you
Sniff! I miss you much my dear wall and i vow to come back stronger!
I fail to overcome the pain but i will fight you with all my strength.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Digi, Celcom, P1 or Maxis BROADBAND?

MAXIS of course!

Had been considering which broadband to get for months to replace my so freaking slow, unloyal, useless and what not STREAMXY (I hope i spelled your name correctly :p) Got my Maxis broadband in exchange at some maxis booth in midvalley and paid RM100 for the activation fees. That activation fees when straight to the sales person's pocket! WTH he coule have at least put it in later. Damn! :p

Anyway here are some reason why i chosen maxis over the rest:

1) You pay for the amount of usage not speed, unlike p1, digi and celcom. (Isn't speed the whole idea?)
2) When u exceed ur usage quota there are no extra charges unlike celcom and digi though the speed will slow down by half maybe?
3) Just look at the speed test below (though all the test are in the morning). But even in the evening and night it never drop below 1mbps :) NOW THATS A REASON TO SMILE

First Test! (WOW!)

Second test! (EYES POPPED OUT)
Third test! (NOSE BLEEDING)
Here it is my new toy!

Though there are few disadvantages of maxis broadband like the
modem isn't yours and if u loose it u better be prepared to
COL cause its gonna cost you RM500! But the speed and
connection compared to streamyx is to die for!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Had to return yang's baby yesterday to bukit jalil since his bro is coming down from KB. So decided to drop by at midvalley on my way back, to go get my MAXIS broadband (will blog about it later) since nuffnang cheque came in yesterday (they are so efficient! thanks nuffnang) The cheque help me pay my activation fees and meals for 1 day at least. Took my branch in Sushi Zanmai and ordered some errrr noodles? Not to mention expensive noodles and some tiny little food wrapped in seaweed? Lol!! Went there so many times but dunno the names of the food. But who cares as long as it taste good and make me leave with a bloated tummy. :p

my noodles :p (took pic of it since thats what ppl do isnt it?)

This was on Monday in Canton i before sending Yang off to KB. Its suppose to be I love U!

Yang's Baby in snow. This was so so long ago!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Have been going out alot ever since i was unemployed. Went too many places and i cant really remember. All i do rmb is I went for a few movies like the proposal, Up and Final Destination (Which really er s**cks)! Anyway enjoyed myself throwing money away like nobody business! :p

Ben waiting for his princess :p

Yang got his HP TouchSmart so we were playing around with the webcam

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This year i celebrated my birthday with my friends and family as usual. The day before my birthday which was also my last day of work! I quickly rush to pick Pei up for a movie and then by 12 we were in Yang's place for a eerrr birthday celebration? hehe. Pei made the cake and i didnt finish it my family members did! In the afternoon dad brought us out and bought me a present which is my second last wish for this year. (JET SPRAY!!) haha! and at night was dinner with other family members. zzz lasy wanna blog d!

Joyce getting serious with her studies


I decided that some1 needs to wear a cap on by bday and she willingly wore it!

My birthday cake!