Friday, August 21, 2009

Turn around point.

Sigh till date I am clueless of what is going on. The pain in my abdominal just dont seem to go away no matter what I do. It has been part of my daily life. And I am sick of listening to people asking me to see the specialist. I have seen them and it cost a bomb BUT the pain is still there. It just dont make sense! Those "specialist" dont give a shit about you. You enter they ask u for ur symptoms and ask u to do this scan and that scan. The way they make is as if those scans cause a few bugs each. Then when the result comes out negative they refer you to another specialist and the story goes on. They say most doctors are commited to what they do, but I doubt so its actually all about the big $$. Just pray that God will pull me through this heart breaking time. I really really miss my daily/ normal activities. I WANT BACK MY NORMAL LIFE! I HATE COMPLICATION'S! I know its a learning process but not being able to do what I love most like drinking coffee and climbing just isnt it. It's tearing me apart and I am really loosing control of it. How long will this go on? Day by day i just feel weaker and weaker. :(

Just holding on to this phrase (The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you)

Anyway here are some additional pic's of my internship. Learning more and more things including how to handle customers that just dont make sense!

SAN storage, P Servers with expansion unit

Fiber Optic Cables!! (And i hear a voice from the room " puas...torrent...")

Blade Chasis with Blade Servers

Checking hardware errors in the blade

Those shuttles where the air comes out from the blades sounds like my car's exhaust pipe!

Monday, August 17, 2009


My last 2 weeks in NWSM. They got this few million dollar project with CIMB AVIVA in tar road (we cal it chimp bank, which sounds like chimpanzee :) The server room is darn cold!! Like freezing cold and I think i need 2 jacket at least cause 1 dun seem enough. Anyway learned alot of thigs from rack mounting, the cooling system of a server room, and blade server?? haha i din know what was it in the beginning (but now u know u sarcastic IT student!) :p

Blade Chasis

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pain :(

Sigh.. Have been having this pain in my lower abdomen and it leads down to my thighs for almost 3 weeks. Went to four diff doctors all with diff prescription. 1 said gastric, one said inflammation in the cord, the urologist said kidney stone, the gastrologist said i hurt my bowel. Did a ct scan, blood test, and urine test and all came out negative. Went on medication but there are no improvement. :-(
All I can do is continue to pray that everything will be allright.