Friday, July 24, 2009


Am enjoying myself right now! Work ain't fun though facing the computer daily is killing me! You can see my lappy now the words are huge! I changed the screen resolution to 800*600 pixels. How pathetic is that? :p

Monday, July 20, 2009

Speedminia 2009!

Yang: Ben wanna go for mini event? go race around track.
Ben: You mean they provide the car and we race?
Yang: No use own car
Ben: OH! Lets go!
(roughly thats the story)

And there we are in sepang F1 circuit! We went there with pride and confident thinking that we were good drivers and in the end we realised oops we were darn wrong! In the mini track, yang took the first lap and scared the hack out of me! (Cause it was drizzling and the lap was a little wet and even a corner at 60km/h causes the car to spin out of control!). Then the fifth lap came and yang's bro took the car, with me at the passenger seat taking corners at 120km/h! and the car "buang" (thats what they call when u skid). Practically driving in the rain wasnt easy and when i drove every corner i brake b4 the apex and speed off after the apex. The safer way or the chicken way of driving! There were some fools that off the dsc (dynamic stability control) and took corners at 150km/h and thats what i call drifting!)

the safety cars!

our ride!

the car yang tried to follow but unable to! :p


mini maze! uploaded the video on fb

All the cooper S and cooper JCW
all types of mini! (clubman, cooper, cooper s, cooper jcw, cabrio)

Had loads of fun anyway! wanna thank yang for the invite!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Everything i ever wanted was all right in front of me!

Started internship last week a little tired day after day and no time to blog. But nevertheless i got myself a reward :) All thanks to a few that supported me. Love you guyz!

My REWARD! My BABY! Hehe really loving the taste of my ....

Yang's Early birthday party. Pic in putrajaya

A friend that will go all out for me! :) Thanks! Appreciate it!

In conclusion i enjoyed myself very much this year and its only july and i got everything i ever wanted for this year! Btw am finally a two year old climber! How fast time pass and i still haven achieve my 7a+ target! But after my internship i am gonna whack 7a+ routes like its climbing the ladder!!!!!!! GRRHHH!