Monday, June 29, 2009


Full time climbing partner and coach, study partner, tck partner, driver to my family, coke robber!!, climbing chalk ah long, ffk partner, camera man, too many la bro! Damn its been 3 days and when i enter camp 5 something is really missing! Ppl ask where is andrew and i have to tel the story over and over again! Is not that i miss you but everyone does :)

Damn now that u say it we really only have 1 pic together but what to do? So i curi 1 pic from your blog la smart! Whatever it is you take care, enjoy SABAH and study hard! Where else here in KL i will climb harder and sapu all our rivals ok? :) pure tck as usual!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Am back!

My 7 star lifestyle has finally come to an end!

No more cleaning!

No more mini! :(

No more wake up and there is always bfast!

Saddest part! No more coffee! :( :(

Extra precaution when travelling!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Holiday mood -!-

The ride that got us around

Can you see me?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

thumbs up

Went to genting with grandma and family for a one day trip! Bought a cup of coffee bean the fella ask for my name i said ben. Then while drinking and on the way to the arcade centre i realized that fella wrote ben 10!! WTF! i am no cartoon character!

Dad finally allowed a chin up bar at home after me monkeying around the staircase for so many years! Which is good also.

There you go even more gloria jeans!! But now that it is 30% off sorry la i will go there once a month gotta save for rainy days!

My X50! Dad's gift for me hopefully! Still discussing how many percent to pay him back though! LOL! But most probably a gift year after year i ask him to get me the same thing x30, x45 and now x50.